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Reminiscing the rains of the Year 2017

It was a holiday and my elder daughter got super excited seeing the rain pouring down outside. She invited both of us to come out in the balcony and enjoy the rains with her. As I was expecting my second baby so I refused to go out with them, for the fear of slipping on the floor. My husband happily granted her wish and stepped out with her in the balcony.

This was about 2 years back when my elder one was just 3 years old and we used to live in Chandigarh. Our ground floor apartment had a huge balcony and it was adjacent to the park — the perfect setting for a kid to play outdoors without actually going out of the home. I still miss those times and the place. Anyway, we spent the whole day by eating fried snacks like pakoras with chai, by splashing water on each other, and by singing rain songs.

Our favorite rain song:

“Rain, rain go away

Come again another day.

Rain, rain go away

Little Johnny wants to play.”

I would love to watch them playing in the rain and clicked those precious moments.

Here’s a glimpse of those rainy day memories:

After the fun’s over, I would ask them to remove their slippers and wet clothes and offer them their towels to dry their wet bodies before they come in to go to the bathroom. Then, they together would play again in the shower.

Benefits of playing in the rain

By playing outdoors in the rain, kids explore and learn new experiences. They get to understand the nature and environment in a better way. They learn to deal with new adventures and risks. They feel more independent and free under the cloud. All of their senses become super active — the sound of pitter-patter, the smell of wet earth, the beautiful view of the surroundings immersed in rainwater, their whole body covered with raindrops and their feet splashing away the rains. This stimulating feeling is so magical for these tiny human beings.

With lots of fun and memories, rain also brings an increased risk of infections. So it is always better to take precautions by maintaining proper hygiene. The one thing I always make sure that we all wash our hands with Savlon handwash and also add some Savlon antiseptic to the warm water for a bath or for washing feet, especially when we get wet in rainwater. This should be ensured without fail.

I make hand-washing activity fun for my kiddo by singing this hand-washing song while cleaning hands:

“Tops and Bottoms

Tops and Bottoms

In between

In between

All around your hands

All around your hands

Now they are clean

Now they are clean”

Life is all about making memories. How we choose to live is all that matters! 

We can make regular and mundane days fun by choosing to spend it playfully. How do you spend rainy days with your family?

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7 Replies to “A Regular Rainy Day In The Life Of A Mom, Dad, And Their Daughter

  1. Aww such a beautiful post. I could connect with the above situation as this reminded me of my childhood days 🙂
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  2. What a lovely post! Yes, childhood is a time for creating memories to last a lifetime. We need to get wet in the rain and enjoy it without fear! Loved the video!

  3. Rains always bring smiles . Your post caught more attention when you named Chandigarh. I belong to chandigarh . Where did you live in Chd ?

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