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Hello, I'm Neha

aka ‘DigiMother’, Certified Financial Goal Planner, Personal Finance Content Creator on Instagram, Blogger, Crypto Enthusiast & Former Digital Marketer.

“I am on a mission to create more ‘Women Investors’ in India.”


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The two quotes that I truly believe in:

Financial Ignorance is Expensive

    If money, not handled properly can take people from riches to rags!

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is something that no one can take from you and it’s your door to freedom!

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Finding My Life’s Purpose

I remember, when I started my first job in 2011, I was looking for someone who would tell me one best mutual fund scheme for investment. I googled and tried finding on my own but it was information overload. So, I settled with the traditional options like Savings Account, PPF and FDs, etc.

Fast forward today, I repent not taking an action in my early 20s. I would have earned more interests on my investments had I asked for some help from some personal finance expert.

Better late than never!    One day, I realized it’s  high time that I should sit down and focus on understanding personal finances. Since 2018, I took my money life in my hands.

I took help and since then, consistently building my financial IQ using different resources.

Along the way, I found my life’s purpose of spreading financial awareness among women.  “Earning money is easy. Building wealth from that money needs work!”

Our Core Values

Some of the values that we personally stand for!


“I was earning money but not creating wealth. This is something Neha helped me with. She educates and advises keeping the interests and needs of her client in mind.”

Dr. Preeti Chauhan


The story behind ‘DigiMother’ name

Before becoming a mommy, I used to work with one of the premium digital communications agency based in India and had done project management for several big brands. For around 5 years, most of my time spent in planning, executing & measuring the results of digital marketing strategies for brands. And it would not be wrong if I say my life revolved around Facebook, Twitter & Google, mostly. I used to eat and breathe social media (for my clients). But, when I became a mommy to my elder one, rejoining work leaving her home alone with a nanny or at day-care was out of the question. That’s when I launched this website. What a better name than ‘DigiMother’ = Digi (Digital) + Mother = “A mother who is digitally savvy”!

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