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About Me

Hi, I am Neha Jain aka ‘DigiMother’. I am a former Digital Marketer. I am wife to Aditya and mom to Aparna & Shubhi. I was born and raised in Delhi but moved to Gurugram a year back. I am an MBA in Marketing and am a work at home mom. Blogging is my passion and I love what I do. Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to read a little bit about me.

DigiMother About

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What’s In It For You?

This blog was created in the mid of 2016 with an intent to just share about my parenting experiences & to provide advice to expecting/ new mums. But over the period, this blog has evolved and, now the intention is to share about things that a digital mum cares about. DigiMother is a ‘Digital Mom’s Lifestyle Blog’. Here you will find content about Mums, Kids, Parenting, Marriage, Relationships, Reviews, Events, Blogging experiences, Interviews, F&B, Travels, Beauty and more.

The story behind ‘DigiMother’ blog name

Before becoming a mommy, I used to work with one of the premium digital communications agency based in India and had done project management for big brands across different categories. For around 5 years, most of my time spent in planning, executing and measuring the results of digital marketing strategies for brands. And it would not be wrong if I say my life revolved around Facebook, Twitter & Google, mostly. I used to eat and breathe social media (for my clients). But, when I became a mommy to my elder one, rejoining work leaving her home alone with a nanny or at day-care was out of the question. That’s when I became serious about doing something from home and this website is the result. What a better name than ‘DigiMother’ = Digi (Digital) + Mother = “A mother who is digitally savvy”. So apt! No?

E-mail me: digimother.com[at]gmail.com for more information or to request a media kit.