• Windows 11 Kickstart – A must read book for Windows users

    My first impression of “Windows 11 Kickstart” by Anand Narayanaswamy I got scared seeing 285 pages of a technical eBook – “Windows 11 Kickstart” and I knew that I won’t be reading it page by page. So I checked the table of contents and bingo my job became easy. The author has given a detailed […]


  • Ledger Vs Trezor: The Best Hardware Wallets to Secure Your Crypto Assets

    ledger vs trezor - digimother

    Why we need to secure our crypto investment No matter how many stories you have read people becoming rich with their crypto investments; however this is also true that the world of crypto is highly volatile and your portfolio can become zero overnight. If you are a crypto investor, securing your crypto investments should be […]


  • Terra/ Luna Fall: High Time to Revise the Basics

    Let’s be honest here! I haven’t been much active in crypto investing and trading for the last couple of months; reason being my crypto investment percent has already touched its maximum limit and I cannot take more risk with my money. Moreover, my overall crypto portfolio return is ->60%. All thanks to me for being […]


  •  7 Steps to Achieve Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness begins with awareness The first step to achieve financial wellness is knowing where you stand currently. And where you want to go… How does it help you? When you are aware of your start and end points then, it becomes easier for you to know the gap and the areas of your financial […]


  • What is Financial Wellness? Why is it important for women?

    Financial wellness for women

    Financial Wellness Financial wellness is “when you are aware of your present financial status, worry free from the past expenses and prepared for your future financial goals”. Why financial wellness for women matters? “If a person gets his attitude towards money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.” ~Billy […]


  • Top 3 Crypto Investment Mistakes I Made

    How I Started My Crypto Investment Journey I started my crypto journey in May 2021 after reading some articles and watching some videos.  Earlier, I was skeptical about investing in cryptocurrency but the more I read and watched about it, the more I became confident about investing in it. One day while surfing the internet, […]