• Cutting The Crap Around Breastfeeding

    breastfeeding myths

    I breastfed my daughter for 1.3 years and I am proud of doing it for her. By doing so, I gave her a healthy start that will make her stay healthy in the future. We all are aware that “a healthy mind and body is mandatory for leading a healthy life”. Post delivering my daughter, […]


  • Postpartum – Breastfeeding And Mum’s Health

    Breastfeeding mothers diet

    Giving birth is easy; the most difficult thing that you encounter post-delivery is ensuring enough milk supply for your newborn. As per experts and doctors, the newborn should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months and a mother can continue doing so as long as she is able to produce ample milk to feed […]


  • Infants, Nutrition & Some Interesting Facts!

    Some interesting facts about infant nutrition

    Just two months back, I became a mother second time to a baby girl and again my life has gone upside down. This time, it includes my toddler too. Looking after two babies is by no means easy; and thinking of looking after them, home and hubby alone shivers up and down my spine. After […]


  • Top Breastfeeding Problems That A New Mom Encounters In The First 10 Days

    Top 10 breastfeeding problems

    The scarier condition than breastfeeding problems Before we jump into discussing the initial breastfeeding problems, I would like to share something important with you all people who are reading this blog. According to a recent survey, over the last decade, the percentage of infants (under 6 months of age) who were exclusively breastfed in India […]