• The Lion King Movie Review: Why One Must Watch It

    The Lion King Movie Review

    The reason I wanted my kiddo to watch ‘The Lion King’ A few days back we three — I, my hubby and my elder one went to watch ‘The Lion King’ movie in the nearby mall. We knowingly avoided going on a weekend, for all the rush and over-priced tickets that a weekend gives you. […]


  • Breastfeeding Is Not Just A Mother’s Responsibility

    Breastfeeding Support

    If you ask me what’s the most challenging part of being a new mother then, I would say – “It is to provide your milk to your baby”. When I was not a mother, I did not know what a mother has to go through to provide sufficient milk to her newborn; it is not […]


  • When I Breastfed Her For The First Time

    my first time breastfeeding experience

    It was a night of re-birth & a new beginning… a beginning of a journey of motherhood… a path never traveled before. In the month of November 2014, I became a mommy to my daughter Shona (her nickname given by her dad) and since then life has changed upside down. My priorities and dreams have […]


  • How to handle Diarrhea in babies: Some helpful advice

    How to handle Diarrhea in babies

    I am a mom of two lovely kids: one is 1.5 years old and the other is 4.5 years. No matter how precise the difference is but the struggle is real to handle two kids in a nuclear family set-up, especially when a kid gets ill. Health problems like Fever, Cough, Cold and Diarrhea in […]


  • My solution to my daughter’s fussy eating habits

    V-Nourish Review

    As a mom to two kids, the main thing which I really worry about is giving them enough nutrition in the form of meals, fruits, and milk. This is a generation of fussy eaters and I can’t stop myself from blaming the modern culture and multiple food options available in the market. This is a […]


  • 10 hacks to balance new mom responsibilities

    10 hacks to balance new mom responsibilities

    I am a mommy to two lovely daughters and I had totally different experiences post their conception and after both my deliveries. After experiencing difficulties during my first time, I was proactive and totally prepared for the second time. Only preparation and past experiences prepare you to face the new challenges head-on. During my first […]


  • Diapers behave in the company of its best friend

    Diapers behave in the company of its best friend - Diaper rash cream from Lotus Baby+ range

    I remember one incident when we were traveling for 3 hours. Before departing my daughter had pooped but during the journey, she pooped again and I just could not understand her reason for incessant crying. I thought she’s hungry and my milk is falling short to satiate her hunger. On reaching the destination when I […]


  • ‘Learning to learn’ – A new age learning way for successful future citizens

    A day at 'The Infinity School'

    A few days back, I attended a workshop organized by ‘The Infinity School’ in association with our favorite platform ‘Momspresso’. The agenda of the workshop was – “To make mums aware about Thinking Skills: The most sought after skills of the future”. About The Infinity School The Infinity School based in Greater Noida West is […]