I remember one incident when we were traveling for 3 hours. Before departing my daughter had pooped but during the journey, she pooped again and I just could not understand her reason for incessant crying. I thought she’s hungry and my milk is falling short to satiate her hunger. On reaching the destination when I checked her, I felt so bad and thought how poor mom I am that I could not understand her reason for crying. Her genital area became red and she was not letting us touch that area and was crying endlessly. I also cried and did everything to calm her down. My mother-in-law told me to apply virgin coconut oil on her genitals and it really helped. And finally, she slept at around 1 am at night. I had my moments of stupidity in 2 years of motherhood journey but that’s how we learn and grow and finally write a blog-post on it (because we also learn from each other’s experiences).  

I dread my life without diapers.

Mommies, just imagine how your life would have been without diapers:

  • Changing and checking the baby often – I should say innumerable times! Remember, in initial months how your baby used to poop in every one or two hours and that is around 12-15 times a day. They very well know how to keep you busy all day long!
  • Forgetting going to a mall or a market. What if the baby gives you an unwanted surprise while you are busy talking to the salesperson.
  • Imagine yourself cooking and in the middle, your baby calls you for the mess that he just cooked.
  • You are out for dinner on Sunday evening to your favorite restaurant and just think about what we are discussing here. I am sorry about your beautiful dress!
  • You take him out in the park and give him a ride and what he does is – shit. I am sure the first word that you would say is – S**T

No more dirty talks now. I think the above pointers are enough to make us realize the importance of diapers in our life. And I, on all mommies’ behalf want to thank them for giving us this magic product, which makes our lives much easier. But what is even more important is that we moms should also understand the importance of ‘changing and checking the babies often’ when they are in diapers.

As we humans feel great in the company of our best friends likewise these diapers behave best in the company of its best friend – ‘Diaper rash cream’. Earlier, I was of the opinion that it’s an unnecessary product and can very well be replaced by any oil but when I tried this for my second girl, I really felt that it is one of the baby essentials, which should not be ignored by any mum.

I, now always make sure to apply the diaper rash cream while changing the diaper for my baby, which protects from the causes of nappy/ diaper rash. Currently, I am using ‘Happy Bums Diaper Rash Creme’ by Lotus Herbals baby+ Range. The reason I chose this product is – ‘Most of the products in this range are 99% natural and free from any harmful chemicals. This particular product is a blend of calendula extract and zinc oxide, which helps protect the baby’s soft skin from the diaper rash. It is also preservative-free, artificial fragrance-free and is tested for sensitive skin, thus helping in the prevention of any bacterial growth.

Lotus Herbals baby+ is brought to life with handpicked ingredients sourced from rare plants, herbs, and flowers. It has no preservatives and toxins, only #ReassuringlyNatural ingredients.

It is one of the products that I never forget keeping in my baby’s diaper bag. What all products, my mommy friends always keep in their diaper bag? I would love to know in the comments below.