“It took having a precious, little baby of my own for me to start really paying attention to buying non-toxic products.”  

There is something about bringing the tiny-winy beings into this world that makes us extra cautious about the things that belong to them, from their shampoos, lotions, clothes to their diapers and even the air they breathe. I never paid attention to the ingredients of my shampoo/ body lotion but when I became a mom, everything went under scrutiny, for all good reasons.

As a first-time mom, I followed what my mothers and relatives suggested but as the days passed, I became more informed and soon – I realized that many of the products which are available in the market are not safe for babies. I started paying attention to the contents of the product. Then came the organic baby products with all natural ingredients in it. Earlier, there were only one or two brands in this organic baby products market but now you can see their numbers soaring at a very fast pace. It becomes difficult to choose one. So it becomes important to learn about the background of the company and their methodology in producing the baby products.

Recently, I received an invite to attend a meet organized by Forest Essentials in association with Momspresso. I was super thrilled to become a part of the meet-up scheduled at their GK store in Delhi. Forest Essentials is the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand with its foundations in the science of Ayurveda. They are the pioneers in the Luxury Ayurvedic segment and is the only Indian brand which is involved in the conception, formulation, manufacturing, bottling, and sale of the products in its own Company-owned stores. Though I was quite aware of the brand, I did not know about their Mother & Baby Care range. They have a wide variety of products for Hair Care, Facial Care, Body Care, and the Wellness category.

What really impressed me is that there is a perfect fusion of ancient recipes and modern technology to produce high quality and authentic skin care products. Everything is made in the traditional old-fashioned way. Also, the raw material used in making the products is grown with the utmost care. Being a mother of two cute girls, I became inquisitive about these products and went in depth to learn about their baby care range. They have four products in the baby care range- Baby Body Powder, Baby Hair & Body Wash, Baby Head Massage Oil, and Baby Body Massage Serum.

Here are more details about each product:

Baby Hair & Body Wash (Dasapushpadi 100% Natural): With steam distilled pure essential oils. A gentle hair cleanser and body wash without synthetic perfume, or artificial color and harsh chemicals blended with a mild natural cleanser. Reetha to care for the delicate skin of your baby.

Baby Body Massage Serum (Dasapushpadi 100% Natural): With pure cow’s ghee. There can’t be a more nutritious product with beneficial ingredients than pure ghee or clarified butter. To this, are added herbs like Jivanti which protects from the skin, Kumud which makes the skin soft and smooth and Liquorice with skin softening properties and many which work in conjunction to keep the baby’s skin healthy and glowing.

Baby Head Massage Oil (Dasapushpadi 100% Natural): With pure herb infusions. This oil has extracts of ten flowers and plants apart from the bark and leaves of certain trees, which all add their own properties to the oil. Bhring Raj nourishes, Indian Gooseberry improves eyesight, and Jivanthi cools the head. This head massage oil has been used for baby and childcare for thousands of years.

Baby Body Powder (Dasapushpadi 100% Natural): With pure kokum butter. This soft baby body powder has been made especially for the baby’s delicate skin with added Kokum Butter. It keeps the baby fresh and protected all day. The natural corn starch-based formula is absorbent leaving the skin dry and soft.

After going through the details of each product, now you can be sure that when you apply this on baby, your baby is experiencing all things natural. The good news is all their products in ‘Mother and Baby Care’ Range are MADE SAFE® (made with safe ingredients) Certified. The MADE SAFE seal empowers shoppers to find and purchase items that have been screened for chemicals known to harm human health, animals, and ecosystems. This seal means that for the first time, people can easily find items that are safe for use on their bodies, with their babies, and in their homes.

I tried the Baby Head Massage Oil and I’m lovin’ it, for its natural ingredients and the overall experience. I am soon going to try the other three products for my little sunshine as I want to give her the assurance of purity.

Note: This article was originally published by me, here.