Are your kids eating the right stuff?

Okay, so here goes. We are ourselves to blame for a lot of the eating habits of our kids. When was the last time, we didn’t succumb to his/her rants of an extra large scoop of ice-cream before dinner or, maybe a quick burger at 7 pm?

And the chocolate chirping, I’ve heard that a lot before. But hey, don’t blame yourself. We all love our kids so dearly, that sometimes, we sacrifice our small morsel, just to ensure they stay happy and enjoy the perils of urban-styled childhood.

However, we do risk their appetites, which we need to understand is growing and being nurtured, as the years hit upon them. It’s not easy, saying NO to them, yet it isn’t impossible either. Also, mid-evening snacking is considered appetite wrenching, as it dents the food consumption cycle of growing kids.

So, what does one do to find a leeway – avoiding the disappointment of not seeing your kid smile, while making them eat the good stuff regularly?

Here are a few simple lifestyle hacks for parents, intended to course their kids in the right direction. 

Eat with them regularly: The modern setup makes it a challenge, however, ensure one meal a day is dedicated at the dining table. That calls for sacrifices, however, it is worth it.

Decide dishes together: Chalk out a weekly menu card, basis the items stocked up. It may be a chore, in the beginning, however, you’ll be surprised at how therapeutic the feeling is, and will allow you to plan better. Kids notice these small things, and yes, learn from it too!

Try the lecturing game: Yes, it’s true. Give kids a smallish lecture, on the benefits of eating the dishes on the table/at the canteen. That’ll keep their minds ticking and make them progress towards thinking about their diets too.

Define fridge and kitchen timings: Never an easy thing to do, however, at the growing stages, this can be very essential. This will allow for binging and under-eating to be monitored and make kids understand the importance of eating balanced meals, at regular intervals of the day.

Cheat Day – Allocate a day, on the weekend, to go wild and munch on the taste inducing stuff. Cheat days; help in solving wild cravings and also gets the family together, to understand the value between class and crass foodstuff.

These are just a few ways of a rather herculean task, of getting kids to eat right. The important thing to remember is, to make the process of having food enjoyable!

Kids emulating parents is normal, so be wise and try those fries. Once in a while!

Note – This article was contributed by @harryrockerz.