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My elder daughter will turn 4 this November and I am extra cautious about her growth and development as she is a preemie and requires more care until touches the standard height and weight milestones. As a mother of a premature baby, I have listened to numerous suggestions and recommendations from everyone around. And trust me, it feels really bad when people judge you on your mothering skills. No one can care for her baby more than a mother. A mother can reach any length and breadth to provide good things to her child. And when a child is born premature, a mother suffers as equal to her newborn. I have experienced it. But let me tell you, premature babies are like magical babies. My daughter’s birth weight was just 1.3kgs and everyone was so worried about her health. And our doctor asked us to be ready to provide blood to her for maintaining the hemoglobin level and you know what – upon checking, her hemoglobin level came out to be 16.5, which is great. That time only, she surprised us with her magical powers. She is the one, who never cries when she falls or even hit something on her body. Touchwood her immunity is strong; she rarely falls sick. The only matter of concern for me right now is her height and weight, which is lower in comparison to standard ht. and wt.

When she was around 2 years old, her diet was good; she would not throw many tantrums while eating but now she is a moody eater. Sometimes, she amazes me when she asks for dal-roti in lunch and on other days, she would cry her lungs out for a bar of chocolate during lunch. As a mother, it too worries me whether she is taking enough nutrients for the day or not. I make sure, that she eats at least 2-3 different fruits for a day. But when it comes to veggies, she gives me a tough time. Lately, she has started showing disliking for vegetables. I, sometimes, mix boiled vegetables in the dough and make parantha but I seriously become anxious, when she picks out the veggies from her plate. I asked my pediatrician and she suggested me some syrups and Pediasure to make up for the nutrients deficiency in her diet. I already knew about it but wasn’t sure if it really works but upon my doctor’s recommendation, I bought it and have started giving her for the past few days. As the brand claims, it includes 37 nutrients, which support height and weight gain, improves immunity and brain development in kids. This is the no.1 pediatrician prescribed brand. I bought its vanilla flavor for my girl and she loves its taste and I am sincerely looking forward to seeing the growth in my daughter’s height and weight stats.

How do you make sure that your child is taking enough nutrients for the day?