Children’s Day – the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, is celebrated all across India on 14th November.

When I was a kid, we used to celebrate this day in our school. There used to be a grand celebration in our school. A fair would be organized each year, and it would have various stalls of food items, games, etc. Using coupons to purchase the items was great fun. Our parents would also attend the fair, and meet and greet our friends’ parents. All this was quite amusing. That’s how this day was celebrated during our childhood. But now things are different; today’s parents are more involved with their kids and leave no chance to celebrate any occasion with them.

Here are 5 ideas to celebrate this Children’s Day with kids and make their special day even more memorable:

#1 Plan a Playdate for your child

Playdates offer immense benefits to your children. Your child gets to interact with another child and engage in confidence-building. It also gives your child a chance to develop his or her social skills, build self-esteem, get an idea of how families are alike and different, and learn how to welcome others into his or her home. Playdates may also provide the parents with a chance to build relationships with other parents of similar-aged children. So, it is a win-win situation for both parents and children. There’s no better day than Children’s Day to make all children feel special.

#2 Organize a family trip

Going on a trip with the family is the best way to create long-lasting memories for life. You get to spend some uninterrupted time together and explore new things/places all along. Take them to educational places like a museum, or a fun place, like a theme park/zoo. Let them walk around and fire up their imagination. Become equally interested with them and answer all their queries. After all, it is their day!

#3 Make some Children’s Day Treats

Instead of taking them out to some restaurant, opt for a healthy & nutritious meal at home. You can choose to take your kid’s help while cooking. What a great way to teach them one of the important things in life! Cooking is an art and you never know if this turns out to be your child’s interest and later passion. Let them decide what they would like to cook; this way they would become more interested in cooking with you.

#4 Play Board Games together

During our childhood days, board games were an integral part of our life. Now, gadgets have taken over them. I remember how my sister and I, along with our parents, would spend happy times playing ludo, carrom board, business, and chess. Not only do these games provide endless hours of fun, but these are known to improve brain development. This Children’s Day, let’s bring these games in your home and surprise your kiddos with a game party at home. You can add more enjoyment to this by getting some tasty snacks during the game party.

#5 Buy them a special gift

The best way is by gifting them something they wanted for a long time! Give them something of their choice. It could be anything – a book, educational toys/puzzles, a movie date, a bank account or maybe a bar of chocolate! Children love sweet surprises.

Use this day to remind them that they are special and make them feel loved and pampered. How are you going to spend this Children’s Day with your kids? Have you thought or planned something? Do share in the comments below.

Happy Children’s Day!