Mommying a newborn is a gift of God and it brings a lot of happy and challenging moments for parents and the whole family. From holding to taking care of them is an art and no one can perfect it beforehand. It is with time one matures as a parent.

I remember when I became a mother I did not even know how to change a diaper for my baby. I had asked my nurse to help me in putting the diaper on my baby’s bums. How ignorant and ashamed I felt that moment! But I guess every girl goes through this phase. My daughter has been using diapers ever since she’s born. It’s not like I keep her in diapers 24/7, I make sure that she’s kept loose for few hours in a day. After all, their bums also need some fresh air!? I remember one incident when we were traveling for 3 hours. Before departing she had pooped but during the journey, she pooped again and I just could not understand her reason for incessant crying. I thought she’s hungry and my milk is falling short to satiate her hunger. On reaching the destination when I checked her, I felt so bad and thought how poor mom I am that I could not understand her reason for crying. Her genital area became red and she was not letting us touch that area and was crying endlessly. I also cried and did everything to calm her down. My mother-in-law told me to apply virgin coconut oil on her genitals and it really helped. And finally, she slept at around 1 am in the night. I had my moments of stupidity in these years of motherhood journey but that’s how we learn and grow and finally write a blog-post on it (because we also learn from each other’s experiences).

Post this incident, I developed a new habit of checking my daughter’s diaper quite frequently and whenever she’s cranky, I make sure that she is comfortable in her diaper. The one thing that also helped in keeping the diaper rashes away is diaper rash creams. I have tried rash creams of many brands and recently, I came across Avoncare baby nappy care cream. This product from Avon’s baby care range has really helped me to keep my baby’s skin soft and rash free. It also helps treat and prevent diaper rash and protects minor skin irritation. It’s a miracle product that really helped me protect my baby’s skin from diaper rashes.

Diaper rash in an infant can be caused due to many reasons:-

  • Irritation from stool and urine. Prolonged exposure to urine or stool can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin
  • Chafing or rubbing
  • Irritation from a new product
  • Bacterial or yeast (fungal) infection
  • Introduction of new foods
  • Sensitive skin
  • Use of antibiotics

During the first two years of a baby, diapering is one of the challenging and time-consuming tasks for a parent, for baby’s skin is sensitive and potty training a baby takes time. So, diapers along with a diaper rash cream are some of the baby essentials that new mothers can’t imagine their life without.

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