Mommy Life – My Battle To Save My Daughter From Skin Rashes Caused By Hard Water

I never knew that hard water can dry out the skin until it happened with my 3-month-old daughter. I used to bathe her with mild baby wash and applied moisturizer twice a day. Still, I could see the redness on her skin. I changed the moisturizer, visited pediatrician but it was of no use. One day, while talking to my sister I discussed my daughter’s skin and she asked me to check the quality of tap water. I looked up online and booked a free Kent water test. I was shocked to know that I was bathing my daughter with hard water every day.

Kent Water Softeners Review

What is Hard Water? Is hard water bad for baby skin?

The presence of excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium in water makes it hard. Hard water has an alkaline pH and bathing your baby with hard water may disturb the pH level of your baby’s skin.

When mixed with soap, hard water forms a sticky layer, ‘soap scum’, which can dry out a baby’s sensitive skin leading to rashes. According to a study, hard water when used on babies increases the chances of rashes by 87%.

How I dealt with my baby’s skin problem

I discussed this problem with my neighbors who recommended that I buy a water softener. The water softeners exchange salts of calcium and magnesium with sodium to convert hard water into soft water. Soft water also helps in generating extra lather for superior and brighter washing of clothes.

I researched online for the best available water softener and chose KENT. The product installation was seamless and within 15 days, I could see the dry patches and redness on her skin fading away.

One Product, Many Benefits!

The other changes which we experienced after installing the KENT Water Softener

Since the day we installed a hard water softener in our home, the other noticeable changes which we experienced are less hair fall and brittleness in hair just shooed away. Despite having a healthy diet, proper sleep and using a good shampoo and conditioner, I was experiencing excessive hair fall and my hair would break often. But when I started washing my hair with soft water, I experienced less hair fall and even the texture of my hair has transformed. The harmful contents present in the hard water damage the hair and lead to excessive hair loss. I am so glad that we have found one solution to many problems in the form of KENT Water Softener.

The other benefits of using the KENT Water Softener in your home
  • Takes care of clothes and fabrics

  • Increases the life span of appliances

  • Use less detergent

  • Reduces the cost of repairs

  • Lowers electricity bills

  • Protects against skin and hair related problems caused due to hard water

Do get your home’s water quality checked today, avail a FREE water test by Kent.

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