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Lifestyle home for kids

Yes, you read it right! Lifestyle home for kids is a new thing nowadays. Okay, so let me correct it – not new but something which is emerging in today’s real estate projects. We all want our homes to be in a place which has great infrastructure, access to our work, market/ malls, school, hospital, etc., provides foolproof security, is at a decent location and has some amenities like power backup, round the clock water supply, gym, kid’s play area, park, and swimming pool. Yes, these are the facilities that we as parents think we and our kids need to live a great life. But is that all? Think again!

What a kid actually needs for his/ her all-round development?

  • Wholesome nutrition
  • Love and care
  • Play and appropriate playgroup
  • Age-appropriate activities with the right supervision
  • Security

The major challenge which I (and all parents) face when it comes to kids

We all I am sure will come to a unanimous conclusion and that is — “Keeping them engaged in constructive activities for a longer time” and “Reducing their screen-time”. These are the top challenges that we as parents face while raising future generations. I am a mom of two girls and my elder one will soon turn 5. With her, apart from ensuring that she has her 3 full daily meals, the biggest struggle is to cut down her addiction to YouTube. Yes, we parents are setting examples for them; our jobs are such that we are glued to our screens and kids being the great imitators inherit these traits from us. I make it a point that daily I spend some hours with her. During these hours we talk, discuss, share, play, read, eat and have fun. Twice or thrice a week, I take her to the nearby park. But what’s lacking is a playgroup of her home friends with whom she can spend after school hours sans me.

We all need a set of friends with whom we can talk, discuss and play. The location where we are currently residing in is an independent house in a posh area. We have access to everything possible; the real struggle for me here is to find a set of friends with whom my daughter can meet and engage on a daily basis. So, I have to be her partner in that. Wouldn’t it be great if we lived at a place where kids of all ages gather at one place to do different activities of their choice? And also supervision and security won’t be a concern? I am certain we all want such a place!

Ashiana Kids centric homes

How should the lifestyle of a kid be like?

  • Healthy eating
  • Lots of free play
  • Daily book reading
  • Music and dancing
  • A circle of friends to chat and play with
  • Exposure to age-appropriate sports and activities

With the right environment and stimulation at different levels of life, a kid can experience various positive changes that help in his/ her overall growth and development.

My amazing experience at ‘Kid-Centric Homes’

In light of all this, it’s obvious for us as parents to look for a place where a kid can have all this. And that’s what we are looking for in a home, to be precise – a ‘Kid-Centric Home

’ where a kid can become a part of different after school activities of his/her choice with a group of his/ her friends. Last weekend, when we visited the real estate project ‘Ashiana Housing’ in Bhiwadi (NCR)., I really felt that our wish for a child-centric home has come true.

The large open parks for kids to play, well-maintained infrastructure & facilities within the complex. We are pleased to see the infrastructure what piqued my interest is their calendar based activity program for kids managed by an activity manager. All the extracurricular activities like dance, Music, Sports were conducted there in the supervision of trained coaches & experts.

I always wanted a home that takes care of my kid’s needs. Then, I feel this is the right place for all the parents. These homes definitely take care of a healthy lifestyle for kids and address the issue of engagement the kids in an effective and healthy way

When we were going through the place along with my hubby and one other family, we were not worried about entertaining our kids. Because we were at a place where our kids were already taken care of. For like 2 hours straight, kids were busy running in the park, swinging, sliding and exploring the various facilities in the kids’ play area. The other areas of society remained unexplored by the kids. Had they seen the club area for kids, I am sure they would not have come back to their homes. 🙂

Note: This article was originally published by me here.