Why the summer break is so special

I am a mom of two kids. My elder one is a preschooler and my younger one is just 1.5 years old. Though both are very young at the moment, I am quite excited about the summer break, because I can go on a long break to my parents’ place without feeling guilty about not sending the kiddo to school. Yes…. this is a mandatory break for everyone! And we need to make the most of this time, especially by doing DIY activities with Fevicreate.

Perks of being a WAHM

I understand that working moms and dads can’t really enjoy this time at home with their kids as we WAHMs can – but a mere change of the routine is enough to feel good and more relaxed. Those morning rush hours – waking up the kids and getting them ready, packing their tiffins and snack boxes, can feel like an uphill task. However, during the summer break, mornings are easier and my main concern is to keep my kids engaged the whole day with less screen-time.

Make your kid's summer vacation more fun & fruitful with Fevicreate

Here are some ways, through which I plan on making this summer break super fun for both my girls:

Longer bath time: Both my babies are water babies; I guess all kids are. Now that we don’t need to get ready before the school van arrives, we have ample amount of time to jump and splash together in water!

Activity boxes: Though I don’t spend much on activity boxes, I am thinking of buying 2-3 age-appropriate activity boxes for my elder one. Some of these boxes are really good but you can’t rely on the child to do the activities alone. A parent needs to be involved to make the whole experience more meaningful for the kid.

Family games: As a family, it is extremely important to spend some time together (apart from meal time) and make kids feel loved. During the normal days too, we make it a point to cheer up the kids before putting them to bed. We indulge in pillow fights and read stories. The idea is to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Screen time: Yes, we all know that screen-time is not good for kids but in today’s digital times when half of our day is spent looking at the phone screen, how can we expect our kids to not get affected by this? I do allow my daughter some screen time, which includes 30 minutes of watching YouTube. The idea is to moderate the time they spend online instead of just banning it completely.

Dance time: We all dance and sing along in the morning and in the evening. How funny it may sound but it’s the best thing that you can do with your kids.

Park time: We now have more time to spend at the park and make more friends. My kids love these outings to the park. They run and explore and see the outside world through their eyes.

Pretend Play: Pretend play activities are great for kids overall growth and development. My daughter loves playing with her doctor set, makeup set and kitchen set. Sometimes, I do join her and we both are loving these times.

Visiting grandparents: This is the time when your parents and kids get to spend time together and make the bond stronger. So you should not be missing taking your kids to your parents’ place during this break.

Visiting a new destination: This is also an important must-do that we all have to do during this time. It is necessary to visit a new place along with your kids; so that they see and experience new places, people, food and culture. It also helps in breaking the monotony of living in one place.

Arts and crafts:

This is the one activity, which I used to enjoy a lot during my childhood days. And this is something which I am so excited about doing with my kids too. I recently came to know about this wonderful initiative by Pidilite – ‘Fevicreate’ http://www.fevicreate.com/ Through this website, the brand is using craft as a tool to make learning simpler, helping your children’s development in a meaningful and fun way. Their aim is to make India more creative and solution oriented. I am definitely going to refer this website for some age-appropriate craft activities for my daughter and I recommend you to go and check out this site too.

These are some of the ways I am using to make my kids happy and creative during this time of the year. Special thanks to Pidilite for coming up with – ‘Fevicreate’.What are you doing mommies? I would love to know in the comments below.