Firsts are always special! #JHCEntourage X #DigiMother

When I received the invite for going live with the students of Jai Hind College, Mumbai on International Mother’s Day, I did not give a second thought about it and said yes to it! It was the first time that I was going to speak to a group of students about my favorite topic — ‘women and finance’. #JHCEntourage

Broadly, the students were looking for the answers around how women can make their mark in finance jobs, how to go about investing, myths around women in finance, impact of motherhood in women’s finances and so on…

Below mentioned are all the questions with answers that were discussed during the live #JHCEntourage

Q. 1 You know as a mother we have to take a break from work while we help our children grow  up & become responsible citizens, how do you think the gap is looked at, by employers or  companies? 

This gap for child care is very obvious and companies do understand this. A gap of a few months or a year is acceptable and can be ignored. The problem arises when you have large gaps and your skills are more likely to get obsolete. So, here the key is to analyze your skills and upgrade them by doing some certifications before applying for jobs.

Q. 2 As a woman seeking job opportunities in the financial sector, how do you feel it welcomes you? 

Franky, I am not looking for any job. I am happy making and sharing personal finance content on Instagram. My mission is to create more women investors in India.

Q. 3 As a woman and then as a mother, how has your investment philosophy changed overtime? 

Motherhood made me a better investor. After becoming a mom my financial goals have changed, most important being creating a large corpus for their education. It’s a long term goal and I am ready to invest in more risky options for better returns.

Q. 4 How does owning a business inspires other women and especially a mother? 

I feel these days more women/ mothers are taking entrepreneurship route for their financial freedom. There are many reasons for doing this. The main reason being having the flexible working hours to balance work & life. The other important factors contributing to this — career break due to motherhood gives them an opportunity to pursue their passion, which in most cases result in a great business idea. In return, being their own boss give them the luxury to advance in their career at their own pace.

Q. 5 As a mother what changes have you made in your lifestyle that helps you balance your work life along with kids? 

The most important change I made is to leave my fancy corporate job. As a primary caregiver to my kids and family, I cannot leave the house for 10-12 hours a day. And fortunately, this shift has opened better options for me. I have more flexible working hours and have more control over my future.

Q. 6 We’d like to know your insights on how covid has affected women’s finances? 

As per online reports, many women left the workforce due to caregiving and domestic work needs during lockdown. Children were home because daycares were shut. Handling remote schooling of children was a newly added responsibility for mothers. These work exits of women led to more gender gaps in the workforce. It definitely increased the mental and financial stress on women. Not only women, largely it has impacted everyone. Most of the people understood the importance of having emergency funds.

Q. 7 I mean you know when a woman becomes a mother she kind of has to take a break even  for a while, so that also puts a break on women handling their finances and their businesses  if any or anything that revolves around these parameters, so how can a woman cope with these in an efficient way? 

The day you start earning, you should have two primary financial goals:

1.         Do your retirement planning 2.         Create an emergency fund

Moreover, plan your break and it’s important to create your support system. So that you don’t have to take long career break. It’s advisable that you keep the cash inflow in your bank account and don’t be dependent on anyone for your needs and wants. And whenever you get a chance keep upgrading your skills to improve your earning potential.

8. What is/are the most essential things to keep in mind as a woman when we enter the world of finance? 

I don’t think that you need any special preparation as a woman to enter this field. I believe with more women taking interest and participation in finance, women are the future of finance. All you need is a fire in your belly to make a difference through your work.

9. How do you think women can begin building their own portfolio and keep track of it along with making good returns? 

First of all, you should have a basic understanding of personal finances. You should know what your short term and long term goals are. How much risk you can take. Take help from experts and do your own research. Understanding before investing is very important!

10. What would you advice your kids in aspects of finances?

First things first. Basic understanding. What is money? Responsible spending. Importance of savings. Needs and wants. Power of compounding. Let them earn their money as soon as possible. Keeping it simple.

Event Wrap Up & Key Takeaways by the students of #JHCEntourage

#entourage22 #JHCEntourage #DigiMother

Mother’s Day is a celebration aiming to honor mothers, motherhood, and their influence in any society.
In today’s environment, financial independence is also a must for a mother.
So, Entourage 2022 did an insightful live session with a well-known @digimother_ , which turned out to be really edifying.

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The QnA lasted for 50 minutes and received a great response from the students. Overall, it was a fabulous experience!

#JHCEntourage X #DigiMother

#entourage22 #JHCEntourage


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