As a mom to two kids, the main thing which I really worry about is giving them enough nutrition in the form of meals, fruits, and milk. This is a generation of fussy eaters and I can’t stop myself from blaming the modern culture and multiple food options available in the market. This is a generation of Pizzas and Burgers and, when we modern parents can’t stop our taste buds craving for fast food then, how on earth we expect our children to not demand such foods.

Yes, I accept that my elder one demands burger, pizza, and pasta in the dinner on most of the days and it really takes us a hell lot of time to make her eat a single chapatti with green veggie/ dal. So, I am always on a look out of different milk supplements to provide her balance amount of nutrients along with milk. Thankfully, she takes her 2 glasses of milk daily and sometimes, I get lucky and she has 3 glasses in the form of shakes, and along with other options.

Recently, I came across an advertisement of SRK promoting a nutritious drink supplement for kids, V-Nourish. What really caught my attention about the product is its promise to provide wholesome nutrition with real ingredients. I thought of giving it a try.

With summers kicking-in, all of us in the family have our daily dose of milk in the form of shakes and smoothies. Cold milk obviously tastes yummy and it becomes easier to make kids drink milk. V-Nourish has got 4 different flavors, Strawberry, Choco-Cookie, Badam and Kesar-Pista. It tastes great with cold milk and my kids are absolute fans of it.

I tried my hands at the Badam flavor and on mixing it with milk; it really felt like the one which our moms used to make for us with real almonds when we were kids. I am surely going to buy other flavors for my family.

I have multiple reasons to believe in this brand:

  • The product is free from any preservatives, artificial flavors, and synthetic colors
  • It is made of high-quality ingredients and contains chunks of real Strawberries, Badam, Kesar and Pista in it.

It promises wholesome nutrition with:

  • 40 Nutri-Boosters to support growth, immunity, good digestion, brain development, stamina
  • The protein content is 100% milk protein which is easy to digest
  • Botanical extract like Ashwagandha and Aloe Vera are also being put in the product
  • It has probiotics & prebiotics to support good digestion.
  • Contain DHA for brain development

Before buying any milk supplement, I try to #ReadTheLabel. Some things mentioned are comprehensible and some are not, while some of the ingredients are not even mentioned on the packaging. So, I largely rely on what my fellow mom friends suggest out of their experience.

But V-Nourish is very transparent and has clearly mentioned all the contents of the product on the packaging. It already contains sugar and thus requires no further sugar during the mixing. It is made by a dad for his boys and that’s enough for me to trust this brand.

So, if you are a parent then, you must consider trying this new nutrient supplement for your kid. It is available for 2 age groups: 2-5 years and for kids aged 5 & above. Do let me know your thoughts on kids’ nutrition and about this product in the comments below.

Note: This article was originally published by me here.