About Paula’s Choice Skincare

A few days back I was at the launch of Paula’s Choice Skincare products in India. I was quite excited to meet the lady behind this brand — Paula Begoun tagged as the ‘The Cosmetics Cop’ by Oprah Winfrey. She is known for her view that skincare and cosmetics should be based on ingredients that have been subjected to peer-reviewed research.

She is a renowned skincare expert and had launched her brand Paula’s Choice back in 1995. During the launch, I was completely in awe of her energy and charismatic personality that she carries. With over three decades of experience in the skincare industry, she firmly busted some myths associated with skincare and skin related products.

Paula's Choice Skincare launch in India

Myths busted during Paula’s Choice launch event in India

  1. Jar packaging doesn’t keep great skincare ingredients stable. Whenever we open the jar and touch the content using our fingers, the bacterial transfer happens and it leads to changes in the contents of the products.
  2. You cannot make effective skincare products in your kitchen. No lavender, no sandalwood, and no turmeric! Fragrance and inflammation-causing products are harmful to your skin.
  3. Don’t do it on your face: Jade rollers, facial massage, and gua sha; harsh cleansing brushes and sheet masks do no good to your skin.

Paula's Choice Skincare launch in India

I have seen people going gaga over some of the skincare tools and big cosmetics brands. But after attending this launch, I got my eyes opened with facts based on experience and years of research. Paula started her research on the skin in 1985 when she herself faced some severe skin-related issues. Her products are the result of her years of research and findings.

The science of skincare in Paula Begoun’s words

  • The products you use should work as claimed with proven ingredients that are absolutely safe and effective.
  • Our formulas are always backed by published research that we cite on every product page.
  • We are all about Smart Safe skincare that is truly effective, fragrance-free, never irritating and no animal testing.

Some of the skincare rules to live by according to Paula

  • Skin starts aging right after birth and it should be protected from the start. Protecting skin from destructive elements (sun, pollution, fragrance, essential oils, and other skin-irritating products) throughout life can delay and overcome many skin-related issues.
  • Always wear sunscreen. You MUST use sunscreen 365  days a year as the last step in your morning skincare routine.
  • Your skincare products must be loaded with potent stable antioxidants.

“Don’t be seduced by fads and misleading information.” – Paula

I met some of the fellow bloggers of the blogging community; we chatted, exchanged some ideas and laughs, ate lunch together and clicked some pictures.

In the end, we received our goodie bags full of Paula’s Choice Skincare products. I am really looking forward to trying these on my skin.

You can also buy some of the available products from Amazon India.

The brand will be launching its products in multiple phases and guess what this brand already looks quite promising to me!

Have you heard about this brand or Paula Begoun?