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As soon as we become parents we realize the importance of keeping fit and healthy. When we were kids, we barely used to take care of our eating habits and routine. Our parents were there to look after everything related to us. We were carefree and like a free bird. It is when you yourself become a parent that you realize the importance of each and everything.

Since the birth of a child, from his first vaccination to keeping up with each of his milestones, a parent, especially a mother is responsible for the overall well-being of her child. While we as mothers take care of everything, it is crucial for us to realize that ‘Immunity’ of the child plays a major role in the kid’s growth and development. Immunity is nothing but the capability of the body to fight against the bad organisms. So, it is important to understand and ensure whatever we are feeding our kids should also help in boosting his/her immunity.

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How to increase immunity in children naturally?

One of the best ways is to take care of the kid’s gut [1] right from the start. There are simple yet effective ways to do that and I am listing down some ways here:

Exclusively breastfeeding for an initial six months helps in building a strong immune system for a newborn. Someone said that the first few drops of breast-milk (known as colostrum) is the first vaccination which every kid should be given in the first few minutes after he/she is born.

After you start giving solids to babies, introduce them to a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cereals, for they help in strengthening the immune system.

Don’t keep them indoors; let them explore the outdoors too for at least 1 hour every day.

Do not overclean your kid. Let them get dirty. But follow the basic hygiene rules always.

Make them friends with pets. Studies show that safe interaction with pets can change the composition and diversity of microbes in children’s guts and may even reduce their risk for asthma and eczema.

Aren’t these some simple ways of improving the immunity in kids? This is like building the foundation for kid’s good health for the future. Apart from this, make sure that the child takes proper rest and snack on immunity-boosting food items like yogurt, walnuts, etc. [2] Immune-boosting foods for kids make a real difference in the long run.

My elder one is a premature baby and she was born weighing just 1.3kgs. And I would not deny for the initial six months, I became so crazy about her weight gain. I used to express milk so that her energy could be saved. I did everything possible which a mother should do for the under-weight baby. I banned everything from my meals which could affect her health adversely and I used to follow KMC, which is suggested by doctors for the overall health benefits for a preemie baby. Till date, her weight and height are a concern for me. She is super active, achieved all other milestones on time.

But the one concern which I always tell her pediatrician is her weight gain. Though she always tells me to not worry much about it as premature babies take time till the age of 8-10 years to catch up with other kids (in terms of height and weight); as a mom, I am always overly cautious about my kid’s health. So she suggested me to try the all-new Pediasure. This is the best immune booster supplements for kids. It contains 37 vital nutrients and High-Quality Proteins which gives visible growth in 90 days. Pediasure is the no. 1 Paediatrician prescribed brand and helps in height and weight gain of the kid. With its scientifically proven formulation, it also helps in brain development and improving the immune function of the kids in the age groups of 2-6 years.

After getting a recommendation from my old and trusted pediatrician, I am super motivated to try this. What about you? Are you facing any challenges related to your kids’ health?

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[1] https://www.nutritionnews.abbott/healthy-moms-babies/six-ways-to-boost-your-child-s-immune-system.html

[2] https://www.parents.com/health/cold-flu/cold/boost-childs-immunity/

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  1. Managing a fuzzy eater is a tough task, even my pediatrician recommended me to use Pediasure. It works as a great immune booster and an excellent supplement for my child. I can see that my daughter has achieved all milestone on time and is also active.

  2. Pediasure is one of the trusted brands and I too used to give to my kids …trusting this from years

  3. We try to give all the best things to our child but sometimes it doesn’t work as well. A proper balanced nutrition may be miss out so we have pediasure for that right!!

  4. I trusted Pediasure too because my son was a fussy eater for a very long time. Two years I have dealt with it and now the situation is little better.

  5. Some really useful pointers to increase the immunity however I have never tried any such product and rely on home-made stuff only. Will give it a try, thanks for sharing. #vartikasdiaryreading #myfriendalexa

  6. Wow.. thanks for such a detailed article… I am so concerned about my son’s immunity.. he gets infections one after other… I hope your points help me in keeping him safe

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