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“Women know how to earn money, but we are still scared of making choices when it comes to choosing certain investment plans. As many as 9 out of 10 women rely on their father or husband for making such decisions. ‘What women want ‘– in terms of their finances is something they know pretty well. But how to achieve it is something they dawdle with the most.”


One-Day Intensive

Financial Wellness Workshop for Corporate

There is a huge gap in the Financial Awareness in the society, especially among the women workforce.

One-Hour Call

Paid Consultation

If you have any specific question around your finances for which you need expert guidance, then you can book a 1 hr. consultation with me.

Sample questions like:

1. I am not sure; I have done the right investments.

  1. 2. How should I go about investing a large amount of money that I have?
  2. 3. How should I go about planning my retirement?
  3. 4. Not sure if I have the right insurance policies.
  4. 5. I need help with reallocation of my assets.
  5. 6. How to prepare kids’ education fund?
  6. 7. How to get out of debt?

Thanks for advising me. I invested my lump sum amount in equity as you suggested and returns are already soaring high”


15 mins Call

Free Discovery Call

This 15-minute session would include discussion around your money challenges and how we can work together to overcome those challenges.

Ruchi Financial wellness testimonial

It was helpful and pushed me to think further. Convinced me that I am in the right direction and there is scope for more. Also, you added confidence to explore newer avenues by reading further about it and with your genuine participation with the words we both will do it.

How it works

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Visit the ‘Contact us’ page to fill the form with your requirement details or email me:[@]

Step Two Here

On a scheduled time and day, get on a call or e-meet to address your financial concerns/ queries.

Step Three Here

Basis step two, the next course of action is decided; either you go for 1 hr. consultation or other paid programs.

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Join a closed group of women who are committed and serious about taking their financial life to the next level. Only 5 spots available!
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Investing courses to get you ramped up