Breastfeeding challenges

  • My amazingly delightful breastfeeding journey with my second baby girl

    Breastfeed is the best feed Someone once estimated that if human colostrum (mother’s first milk when a child is born) could be commercially manufactured with all the same antibodies and immunoglobulin in it, it would cost somewhere around $80 an ounce. Quite expensive! Right? I would say it’s priceless! When I breastfed my first baby […]


  • Top Breastfeeding Problems That A New Mom Encounters In The First 10 Days

    Top 10 breastfeeding problems

    The scarier condition than breastfeeding problems Before we jump into discussing the initial breastfeeding problems, I would like to share something important with you all people who are reading this blog. According to a recent survey, over the last decade, the percentage of infants (under 6 months of age) who were exclusively breastfed in India […]


  • Breastfeeding Is Not Just A Mother’s Responsibility

    Breastfeeding Support

    If you ask me what’s the most challenging part of being a new mother then, I would say – “It is to provide your milk to your baby”. When I was not a mother, I did not know what a mother has to go through to provide sufficient milk to her newborn; it is not […]


  • When I Breastfed Her For The First Time

    my first time breastfeeding experience

    It was a night of re-birth & a new beginning… a beginning of a journey of motherhood… a path never traveled before. In the month of November 2014, I became a mommy to my daughter Shona (her nickname given by her dad) and since then life has changed upside down. My priorities and dreams have […]


  • How I overcame the breastfeeding challenges the second time

    How I overcame the breastfeeding challe nges the second time #StandByNursingMoms

    The most beautiful and equally challenging part of motherhood is breastfeeding the newborn. I breastfed my first child for 15 months and have been exclusively breastfeeding the second one for the past 7 months. Now that, we have already celebrated second one’s half-birthday, I have started offering some solids to her. The one cue that […]