• 10 hacks to balance new mom responsibilities

    10 hacks to balance new mom responsibilities

    I am a mommy to two lovely daughters and I had totally different experiences post their conception and after both my deliveries. After experiencing difficulties during my first time, I was proactive and totally prepared for the second time. Only preparation and past experiences prepare you to face the new challenges head-on. During my first […]


  • The side effects of Motherhood

    the side effects of motherhood by

    Are you planning your first kid? If your answer is yes, then do read this article because you may not know the repercussions of your decision. No, my intention is not to scare you but to prepare you to be stronger for your new journey. Do tick-off the below-mentioned pointers and ‘Brace Yourself’ for the […]


  • Motherhood is equal to craziness!

    Motherhood is equal to craziness

    So far, motherhood has been a crazy journey for me, hence the title – ‘Motherhood is equal to craziness’. My daughter is 10-months old now. She was a premature baby, born 1 month before the due date. She was just 1300 gm at the time of birth (at that time I didn’t know what challenges […]