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Teddyy Changing Mats – No, it’s not another baby product

I recently happened to see a video on Amazon on Teddyy Changing Mats and that prompted me to read more about it. After being convinced by the glowing reviews, I purchased the product for my 1.5-year-old daughter. Initially, I wasn’t sure about buying it because I didn’t know if it had any real value for me. But now, having used it for a while, I am glad that I bought it and used it for my younger one!

Teddyy Changing Mats Review - The top 5 reasons to buy it

Teddyy Changing Mats Review: The Top 5 reasons to buy it

Takes care of the hygiene: I have almost half a decade of parenting experience being the mother of two girls, out of which one has already outgrown diaper age now. Till a few days back. I used regular/ reusable diaper changing sheets. And though these sheets did a good job, it happened quite often that even after washing them multiple times, they gave off the smell of pee. After that happened a couple of times, I didn’t like using it for my baby and threw the sheets away. I am glad that I need not worry about these issues now. Teddyy Mats are disposable and they also have an anti-bacterial cover that takes care of hygiene issues.

Soft and comfy for the baby: Teddyy Changing Mats are made of extra soft material keeping in mind the soft and delicate skin of the babies. It has soft and spongy material that makes the baby feel comfortable when he/she is sitting or lying down on the sheet.

No more leakages: No matter what diaper brand we mums use for our babies, even the best of the best diapers fail sometimes and you experience diaper leakage. It’s here that this changing mat comes to you and your baby’s rescue. Just place them as an extra protective layer when your baby is on the cradle/ cot/ floor/ pram/ bed or in your lap. These mats are made of highly absorbent material and have a waterproof back sheet which prevents staining. Its gel technology stops leakages and criss-cross design prevents spills and ensures your baby remains dry and happy.

Handy: These changing mats are super handy especially when you are traveling with your baby. They are available in a small pack of 10 mats, which you can easily carry in your diaper bag. Place it below your baby when you need to change him or just use it as an extra protective layer when you are out.

Easy to use and dispose-off: We all have had to face piles of accumulated baby laundry and dirty nappies and dry sheets, at one point or the other. Especially in the first six months, when a new mum slowly and steadily adapts to her new role and responsibilities, everything just feels overwhelming. Now, let’s just remove one item from your laundry basket. Trust these Teddyy Changing Mats for ensuring your baby’s comfort and hygiene. Just use them and then throw it in the bin! You don’t have to worry about cleaning it again.

I have completely switched from reusable dry sheets to these disposable changing mats. You can buy these disposable changes mats from Amazon. They are reasonably priced at INR 299 for a pack of 10 mats. It is available in one universal size which is apt for a baby. I recommend this for all new moms. It provides value for money! #SuperMatsForSuperMoms

So ladies, go ahead and give this product a try. You can share your views about the product and also drop your queries in the comments section below.