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I randomly came across your page while scrolling on Instagram but I thank my stars to be able to connect with you. Thank you for being my one stop solution for all my financial planning and investment needs.
Seema Gautam

“Ever since I have started following your finance advices, you have become a friend, philosopher and guide... Heartfelt thanks ”

It was helpful and pushed me to think further. Convinced me that I am in the right direction and there is scope for more.

Also, you added confidence to explore newer avenues by reading further about it and with your genuine participation with the words
we both will do it.

Ruchi Financial wellness testimonial
Dr. Preeti Chauhan

I was earning money but not creating wealth. This is something Neha helped me with.

She educates and advises keeping the interests and needs of her client in mind.

I am guilty of leaving large amounts in my savings account.

 And while I am very balanced on spending, have other investments and don’t have pending debt, that money in my savings was
just sitting there not earning enough interest – a mistake I was making and Neha has posted on
some of these simple opportunities we lose out on. I wasn’t ready for a high risk investment but
did put some of that sitting money on safer and easier to monitor ones – options I again saw on various posts of hers.

Shubhreet Kaur


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