What is Term Insurance and how is it different from Life Insurance?

‘Term Insurance’ is a pure form of life insurance products available in the market. It gives the ultimate financial protection for the family in case of the death of the prime breadwinner in the family. The major differences between a term insurance plan and a life insurance plan are:

  1. The former comes with ‘No maturity benefit’; however you can add riders to make it more beneficial.
  2. For term insurance, the insured person pays a comparatively lesser amount of premium.

Term insurance benefits

As I mentioned in the title only that it is the best protection for you and your loved ones. I never knew that it could give me the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the financial security of my kids and family. Here I am listing down top six-benefits of a term insurance policy:

  1. Financial security against unforeseen circumstances i.e., the death benefit
  2. Premiums are affordable
  3. Tax benefits
  4. High coverage
  5. Additional Rider
  6. The low claim rejection ratio

Best Term insurance Plan and Best place to buy Term Insurance

The best term insurance plan is the one that meets the requirements of the insured person. There are various companies in the market which will make you believe that they are the best in the market. And you as a buyer become confused and overwhelmed with the multiple options given to you.

When I decided to buy term insurance for my family, I had no clue what I really needed and which company to connect to. Thanks to Priyanka Bhatia of ‘Women On Wealth’ community for telling me to figure out the best plan for me and my family. So, I thought and recalled Akshay Kumar doing the Policy Bazaar ad on television. And then I quickly connected with their executive and that girl from their team was efficient in understanding my requirements and suggested me some plans. I took a day or two to finalize the term plan. I discussed it with some people and my husband and then bought the policy.

Term insurance calculator

While choosing the plan, one of the major challenges I faced was of deciding the cover (total amount) of the policy. So, I pinged Priyanka asking her suggestions and she was helpful enough and gave me these pointers to help me figure out the sum assured which I needed for the financial protection of my family.

How much cover should I take in a term plan?
Things to keep in mind while deciding on the sum assured
How much money do you need to run your house comfortably?
How much money do you need for the higher education of your kids?
If you are in debt (car loan, home loan, etc.), how much money do you need to pay off your debt?

After deciding the sum assured, the next step was to choose the best plan as per my needs and with Policybazaar’s Term Insurance Calculator, I could do this strenuous task in a few minutes only. It helped me in choosing the plan, deciding the premium/mode and riders after doing multiple comparisons and that too in very less time.

Why Policy Bazaar?
  1. Their team understands your requirement and then suggest the best possible plan for you
  2. They guarantee lowest premiums as companies give a discount on buying the policies online
  3. They assist in the claims settlement process

For me buying term insurance was the first step towards building a financially independent life for me and my family. I hope this post would be of any help to my readers too.


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