A bathroom is one of the places in our home where we clean and relax. We cannot compromise on the hygiene of this special place in our homes. No one likes stinky and dirty washrooms. Remember the first thing that you check while choosing the hotel room during vacation is the washroom of the hotel?

Be it anywhere and anyplace, wherever you go, you want a clean and comfortable washroom to use.

But the big question is who will clean the bathroom? Is it always the mom of the house who is responsible to make the bathrooms neat and clean? My answer is a big ‘NO’. I never liked cleaning bathrooms for that matter and always used the bathroom deep cleaning services available online. But one can’t continue to get this done on a regular basis. So what exactly is the easy way out to maintain the hygiene of this place?

Here is this ritual that we used to follow a few months back to get our bathrooms sparkling clean:

My maid would clean the bathrooms daily. What exactly she would do- she would clean the wash-basin, wipe the mirror, the taps, and the shower and, the area around the wash-basin and also would make sure that the floor is stainless and dry. But she would not touch the toilet at all. That used to be our job to get it cleaned.

So how would I get the most difficult job done? Sometimes, I wish how great it would have been if our bathrooms had superpowers through which they could automatically get cleaned. I am sure you all (especially mums) must have fancied this thing in your minds. After all, there are more interesting and better things to do in life than cleaning the bathrooms.

A few months back my hubby proposed to me the idea of renovating our bathrooms; I wasn’t ready to go for it because of the expenditure and the overall time and energy it would cost. But when he took me to the American Standard store, I was spellbound by their bathroom range and the superior functionality that this brand offers.

What I really loved about this brand:

  1.      All the products that they offer are ‘low-maintenance’, which greatly helps in maintaining the hygiene of the washrooms.
  2.      Their products are designed to address the personalized needs of the customers. They cater to the requirements of every member of the family- from kids to the elderly people.
  3.      The brand offers eco-friendly products and which, also help in water-saving.

The one thing that immediately grabbed my attention towards the brand is the technology they have used in maintaining hygiene in the bathrooms. Some of their key technologies are Double Vortex offering Powerful flushing, Aqua Ceramic (say goodbye to water stains), and Antibacterial finish (for complete peace of mind) which ensure hygiene in the bathroom.

After getting to know all of the above innovative features, I could not say no to bathroom renovation idea of my husband and since then, we are spending fewer bucks and time in cleaning our bathrooms. If you choose to ‘raise the standard’ of your washrooms and want to spend lesser time cleaning your toilets, then this is the solution to all your bathroom woes.

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