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While typing the title of this blog-post I realized that my darling daughter has turned 14-month old today. She’s born on 19th November 2014. These past months have been a year of new experiences, both happy and sad. During this time, I have truly evolved as a new me. So is my princess growing with each passing day… there’s a non-verbal conversation that goes between both of us. I felt like sharing them with you so listing them right here:

  1. Whenever I am engrossed in something and she feels like coming closer to me, she would just clutch my leg or pull my top. Either she wants mommy’s milk or just demands full attention from me.
  2. While doing puja at home I chant mantras. Initially, I used to take her in my lap so I can keep a check on her during puja but now she herself has started liking this daily ritual. She tries to copy me and say something in her own language.  Even though she’s busy playing with something she would come to me and we worship God together, though in different languages. 🙂
  3. She likes meeting new people. Whenever we go out somewhere, people smile looking at her and my betu also do not shy away from giving back a big rosy smile to them.
  4. She doesn’t like baby-food much, she loves spicy dishes which I cook for my husband and myself. It’s been a few days that I have learned that Shona likes tasting new things which we eat. As soon as we sit and start eating our food, she would run fast and try picking stuff from our plate. Earlier we used to make her taste anything which we eat but now she herself would come to demand her share. I usually prefer filling her tummy first so she plays as we have our meals but now she has become smarter, she knows maa and papa eats something tastier than her food. I feel glad when we three eat together from one plate.
  5. It’s about Shona’s pooing habit. Whenever she gets fresh in her diaper she makes a low creaking and moaning sound and becomes still and concentrate fully on what’s going in her body. Just by her body language, I figure out that she’s doing some private thing. At that time, she looks very funny. I just cannot stop laughing at her.
  6. Whenever she doesn’t get what she wants she starts grumbling. Shona seems to be a stubborn child. I know it’s not a good trait but what we can do about it when it’s inherent.
  7. Sometimes I get angry on her (later on I feel very bad about it). The reaction she gives after getting scolded by me is very cute. She would reply with a “tatata..” music and poses a puppy face with a lovely smile. Then I feel such a clever cutie-patootie she is! 🙂
  8. She enjoys listening to music a lot.. whenever she hears some interesting music she would raise her index finger and starts dancing like a pro. So, whenever we both feel bored, we just turn the music on and bang on the floor.
  9. She loves eating chocolate. Her eyes twinkle whenever she sees us eating chocolate. I usually avoid eating chocolate in front of her as it’s not good for her.
  10. She feels disturbed whenever I and my husband argue. She is quite a good observer and understands every emotion so well.

Now that I have jotted down some of my observations for my child. What things have you learned about your bundle of joy? Share and discuss them in the comment section.

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