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Though I was born just 2.5Kgs my mom always made sure that I remain a  solid and healthy girl. Both my parents were always careful about our eating habits. They mostly believed in the philosophy of having home-cooked food. They rarely gave us money to eat out something when we were kids. Even during our college days, this habit did not change.

You won’t believe but before marriage, my mom used to pack 2-3 different boxes for fruit snacking, Lunch and, yes, of course, some evening snacks (home-cooked namkeen and mathri) in my office bag too. My mom loves cooking and she used to cook lip-smacking seasonal delicacies for all of us. I remember how I and my sister would relish the home-cooked gajar-ka-halwa that our mom and dad would cook for us. In our home, it’s a ritual that every 31st night, we all would collectively prepare gajar-ka-halwa and start the New Year on a sweet note. Winter is the time when you eat sweets a lot. So, you are bound to consume a lot of sugar and ghee, which leads to the deposition of fats and carbohydrates in your body in great amounts.

I have never been that type of girl, who will refuse sweets on account of being leaner but during my second pregnancy, I was prone to getting Gestational Diabetes so I was advised to limit my Sugar and Carbs intake and since then, it has come into my habit to eat half of the sweet serving.

I am a big fan of sweets (especially home-made) and I highly believe in my parents’ philosophy of eating home-cooked stuff. And this year too, my mom and dad ensured that we receive our share of winter-sweet stuff in good stock. They made Atta Laddoo and Gajar-ka-halwa for us. And, I wasn’t very actively eating the sweets owing to a habit of eating ‘Aadha’ so my mom informed me that she has made all these desserts using ‘Sugarlite’ which is the ‘Smart Sugar’ and has “100% Sweetness, with 50% Less Calories”.

My mom being the smart home-maker informed me that she has been using this for a few days now and has been using it as an ingredient for all cooking needs. She also added that “Use this only half as much as your regular sugar, and it provides same sweetness, and that too with 50% less calories. #AadheMeinZyaada

More about Sugarlite

a. It’s a 100% Natural Blended Sugar. It’s made with a blend of Sugar & Stevia (Stevia is a zero-calorie, 100 percent, natural sweetener)

b. Ideal for all food items like – Hot & Cold beverages, Milkshakes & Smoothies, Sweet preparations, Cooking & Baking needs.

Isn’t it an ‘ideal choice’ for a smart home-maker!?

After knowing all of this, I was ecstatic and now, I have started eating my full share of sweets without worrying about my Sugar/ Calorie intake. Because now, I have my Sugarlite.“Abse Mithaas Hui Aadhe Mein Zyaada”

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