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Toothbrush: A ZEE5 Original

I, recently, stumbled upon this short movie on ZEE5 called the Toothbrush and what really caught my attention is the name of the movie. I was curious to know what exactly would be the content in the film. For those, who might not be aware of ZEE5 – “ZEE5 is a video on demand website run by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. It was launched in India on 14 February 2018 with content in 12 languages. The website also has an app, ZEE5 App. The platform also provided the first Tamil web series in 2018 with the title America Mappillai.” 

Toothbrush: Its Excerpt

So, I bought the 1-month subscription as it was under their premium section and also, got 50% cashback on paying through Paytm. We mums-of-two, usually, don’t have the luxury to watch lengthy movies in one go, so it’s better to watch short movies that are meaningful and impactful. ‘Toothbrush’ (directed by Tania Deohans) is a ZEE5 original, premiered on 21st December 2018. It is a short and serious story of a couple, who are married and have different personalities and ways of life. Samir Soni, being the male lead, and Kristine Zedek, being the female lead in the movie. They both play as the husband and wife in Toothbrush. Kristine is a writer who loves to spend time with her friends. She also has a bigger social circle, at least more than her husband. While Sameer is an introvert and protective partner; he doesn’t like hanging out with people and believes in the philosophy of ‘We two’ only. They both have different expectations and outlook towards life.

Toothbrush Movie Review: Full of Question marks

The movie revolves around these aspects in a marriage – Freedom in a relationship, Fear of loss, loss of loved one, Jealousy, Loneliness. What would someone do if there is no space in a relationship? What would a partner do if he loses his partner and finds him with someone else? What loneliness can do to a person? And jealousy is a harmful emotion to live by. It is very easy to guess the next move in this movie but only to prove yourself wrong. It is not just a regular tale of love. I was thrilled to watch how the director has showcased the whole movie in fewer words. The visuals are on point as well, and one should be mindful and watchful of every second; otherwise, you will miss the whole idea. Like its title, the story was intriguing and was full of question marks. Even, I asked my husband to watch it so that I can discuss and double-check my interpretations with him.

Toothbrush movie review: The Performances

As usual, Samir Soni was natural and has out-performed the other characters in this movie. It is always nice to see him on screen doing everything so effortlessly. And, the lead actress – Kristine Zedek, also did full justice to her role. I would love to see her more in the future ZEE5 originals. So, if you are looking to watch some love thrillers this holiday season then I, surely recommend this one to you. This movie is short, crisp, and full of twists and you better watch this in the company of your partner!