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I belong to a doctor’s family and am a mom of two kids. My FIL who is a doctor by profession always makes sure that both the kids are vaccinated every year against the flu infection. This is the best way to prevent this deadly viral infection. Influenza (the flu) is a respiratory infection that affects the nose, throat, and lungs. It is caused by A & B flu viruses and it can result in mild to severe illness and, at times, lead to the death of the infected. The flu is more common in the fall and winter.

The flu is not the common cold

In common cold, the infected person doesn’t feel exhausted and get headache & fever while if a person has the flu, these are some of the common symptoms.

Who is more prone to getting infected with the flu?

Though anyone can be infected with this deadly virus; people who have weaker immunity are more likely to suffer from this illness. Pregnant women, children under 5 years, the elderly, individuals with chronic medical conditions and also, healthcare workers are more susceptible to catching the flu infection.

As a parent, we are always cautious about our kid’s health and well-being. So, we should always make it a point to get our kids to get the flu shot annually after discussing this with the pediatrician. Kids between the ages of 6 months and 8 years must get this done every year.

What to do when your child has the flu

How to treat the child with the flu

Flu remedies: 1. Keep the child hydrated by giving fluids and make her feel comfortable. 2. If a child has a fever and experiencing pain, give medication after consulting the doctor. 3. Taking a warm bath may help the child feel better. 4. Gargling with a glass of warm saline water helps in treating the sore throat. 5. Use saline drops to treat the stuffy nose. 6. Keep the surroundings clean and wash your hands often.

What to feed the child with flu?

  • Bread, crackers, and pasta made with refined white flour.

  • Refined hot cereals, such as oatmeal and Cream of Wheat.

  • Fruit juices that are diluted by mixing half water and half juice. …

  • Frozen fruit pops or gelatin (Jell-O) are good choices, especially if the child is vomiting. [Ref.]

It may take a child 2-7 days to feel better and up to 4-6 weeks to recover fully. A child becomes weak, which makes day-to-day activities difficult for her. So, the more a child takes rest, the quicker will be the recovery process.

When to take the child to the hospital for the flu?

If with the above treatment, you don’t see any improvement in the condition, then it’s better to take the child to a hospital. And if the baby is as little as 3 months and has a fever, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and not feeding, then it’s better to see a doctor. One should see a doctor if a child:

  • is more sleepy than usual

  • is more fussy than usual

  • is not drinking enough fluids or has not peed at least every six hours when awake

  • is vomiting

  • is having chest or stomach pain

  • is not feeling better after five days or gets better but then suddenly gets worse. [Ref.]

Each year, 3 to 5 million severe cases of Influenza are reported worldwide and, we all not how fatal this problem is. We are also aware that prevention is always better than cure then, why not we take that safe step and promise to get our loved ones to get a flu shot every year?!




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  1. Informative post , we should be careful and take proper care at such times , drinking soups is also good during flu.

  2. Sometimes awareness is all it takes and this is the right time to spread awareness about Flu to keep kids safe.

  3. What a thoroughly informative post about flu this is. Saving it and will share it too.

  4. This are exactly what my General Practitioner tells when my child gets tummy bug/flu. We give him ice lollies, bread, plain biscuits, NO fruit juice and milk, FLAT sweet drink (not carbonated) , water to keep him hydrated.

  5. That’s quite an informative post . Yes we need to take certain precautions and also need to ensure that kids are rightly vaccinated for the flu as a right prevention measure.

  6. With young kids, flu can be really frustrating and irritating for them too. These are some really good pointers to ease up the symptoms. But as you suggest prevention is always better than cure, a Flu shot is definitely to be considered.

  7. The last bit did terrify me a tad but I really appreciate such a detailed review on your part. The foods to be given part is essential because the child doesn’t wish to eat at all during flu

  8. Vaccination is really important for kids to prevent them from getting flu. All other tips are helpful.

  9. When the weather changes, flu becomes really common… You have shared really good tips about food and how to take care of kids when they are suffering! Thank you

  10. Flu become severe in no time and bad thing is that the symptoms are similar to cold. Never know that vaccine helps to combat this illness very well

  11. Informative post!! In this changing weather kids often get infected and it’s difficult to know whether it’s a common cold or a flu? Well you have shared enough information on flu , thanks much for this.

  12. My son just got recovered from Influenza B and thanks for all the information. All the parents should take all the necessary precautions to protect kids against flu,

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