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Baby Liquid Cleanser: The most underrated baby essential

When I became a first-time mom, I never used a baby liquid cleanser because I never bottle-fed my first daughter. As a first-time mom, I had many doubts and fears in my mind. I thought bottle-feeding a baby is bad and buying a baby liquid cleanser is a waste of money. But I proved myself wrong after I gave birth to my second daughter. I started bottle-feeding her once she completed her first six months of exclusive breastfeeding. And when you bottle-feed a baby, a good baby liquid cleanser is a must-have. I will tell you why!

A baby liquid cleanser is an essential, not a luxury

A good baby cleanser is made of ingredients, which are free from any harmful chemicals. A baby’s immune system is still developing and its skin is very sensitive. So your regular liquid cleanser which usually contains a high level of chemical formulations can do any kind of damage to their skin or system. So, experts suggest that you invest in a good quality liquid cleanser for your baby. It’s best to go for a plant-based baby liquid cleanser.


The best part about baby liquid cleansers is that they can clean everything that your baby uses and these are:

  1. Their feeding bottles, nipples, tumblers, and sippers.
  2. Liquid cleansers are also quite effective in cleaning baby’s toys and pacifiers.
  3. Not only this, but a good baby liquid cleanser can also be used for cleaning fruits and vegetables as it is mild and safe for babies.
  4. I also use these cleansers to clean kitchen clothes, sponge wipes, and milk packets.
  5. So basically, the best baby liquid cleanser can be used to clean any stuff related to baby’s day to day essentials.

The best liquid cleansers that I have used to date

  1. Mee Mee Baby Liquid Cleanser

This Mee Mee’s Baby Liquid Cleanser can clean everything that your baby uses. From a baby’s bottle to accessories, from toys to fruits and, vegetables that your baby eats in everyday life; this baby liquid cleanser is gentle enough to clean everything efficiently in an all-natural way. Besides that this cleanser is environment-friendly and fully biodegradable. You can buy this product from Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, and Me n Moms website. And it comes in different sizes of 1.5L, 1.2L, 500ml, and 300ml.

Initially, I bought its small bottle and then, I bought its refill pack as I really liked the product.

Users gave 4.3 stars rating on Google.

  1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser

Mother Sparsh Baby Liquid Cleanser


Earlier this year, Mother Sparsh launched their #PlantPowered Natural Baby Care Range. And the best part about Mother Sparsh baby care products is that it contains the goodness of all-natural ingredients and hence, totally safe for our munchkins. From skin essentials to laundry detergent and toy cleanser, they have got everything for baby’s daily essential needs.

I have been using this baby range for my girls’ daily needs for almost six months now and I am totally in love with its products, for safety it gives to my children.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser

This baby liquid cleanser gives effective and natural cleanse to baby’s day to day essentials. The plant-derived ingredients are highly effective in eliminating milk bacteria, removing tough stains and odour from baby feeding bottles, nipples, and other accessories.


GREEN APPLE: The fresh fruity smell of green apple is extremely delightful and removes the bad smell with ease. This apple extract is loaded with a good dose of fiber and it is a natural cleanser that is free from toxins and harmful elements.

BASIL: This natural ingredient is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature. It is a great choice for sanitizing baby products.

The presence of these plant-derived ingredients makes this product safe and baby-friendly. It is very gentle and skin-friendly. And the best thing about this product is that it is free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, Dyes, and Sulphates. And it comes with IFRA certified allergen-free fragrance.

Direction for use:

Cleaning: Pour the cleanser directly onto the washing sponge to clean toys, feeding bottles, nipples, etc.

Rinsing: After cleaning rinse the objects with running water for about 5 seconds. If using a basin, change the water at least twice.

Currently, I am using this product for our everyday needs and I am more than satisfied with its powerful cleaning. It comes in different pack sizes of 1, 2, and 3.

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You can also buy this product with its refill pack.

Plant-Powered Natural Liquid Cleanser (500 ml)  with Refill Pack (500 ml) Combo

It’s also available on all big e-commerce stores like Amazon, FirstCry, and Flipkart. Users gave it 4 stars rating on Google. I personally recommend this product to all new moms.

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  1. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser

This liquid cleanser from Pigeon is made from 100% Food Grade (Edible) ingredients. It safely cleans the baby accessories, toys, fruits, and vegetables, etc. and kills 99.99% of bacteria. It is comparatively cheaper than the above two brands and users have given it a 4-star rating on Google.


The above-mentioned choices are the ones that I have personally used for my kid and found them good and safe to use. The market is filled with other options. As a new parent, you are bound to get confused and need help in making the right choice. So, it is wise to read other parents’ experiences or go by experts’ advice. And we all know a mom’s gut-feeling is never wrong!

They also say it is good if you pick any plant-based liquid cleanser to start with as it is the safest choice that you can make for your baby’s delicate skin and immune system.