Health Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

When a baby is born, a mother has multiple things to take care of her baby. Apart from six months of exclusive breastfeeding, the other thing that holds special importance in a baby’s initial months is a gentle massage by her mother. Massaging a baby with a good quality baby massage oil has numerous and lifelong benefits. A gentle massage soothes the baby and helps her in getting a sound sleep. It also helps in the weight gain of the baby and aids in digestion and relieves teething pain. Not only does it keeps the baby’s soft skin moisturized but also helps in improving blood circulation. The one main benefit that I have realized is that it takes your bonding with your little one to the next level.

I used to massage my first baby twice a day, for she was just 1.3kgs at the time of birth. Massaging helped her in gaining a lot of weight and also strengthened her muscles and bones. For her, I have used multiple oils as suggested by experts and closed ones. And today, I am going to share with you 5 top oils that you too can trust for massaging your little one from day 1 of her life.

Coconut oil

A good quality pure coconut oil can prove to be a wonderful product for your baby. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and linoleic acid, which has antibacterial/antimicrobial properties. Moreover, it is easily absorbed in the skin making it soft and hydrated. It protects babies from skin conditions like eczema and diaper rashes. It also promotes hair growth and works as a natural moisturizer for babies.

Mother Sparsh Massage oil

Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is a great concoction of 18 natural oils. These are of Almond, Coconut, Sesame, Avocado, Olive, Jojoba, Lavender, Orange, Wheat germ, Rosehip, Sunflower, Walnut, Shankhpushpi, Durva, Ashwagandha, Tagar, Tamalpatra, and Lajjalu. These are 100% natural and hence, completely safe for the baby’s tender skin. It’s a toxin-free formulation, which helps in nourishing, relaxing, and strengthening your baby’s bones and muscles. It also helps in repairing the dry skin and also enhances the texture of the skin. You can watch this video of how this oil is prepared: Ancient Practice of Preparing Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

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How is Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Oil made?

Step 1: Take 6 herbs – Shankhpushapi, Durva, Tagar, Ashwagandha, Lajjalu, and Tamalpatra.

Step 2: Add 4 times water to it and boil till ¼th is left.

Step 3: Filter this decoction and add it to sesame oil.

Step 4: Boil it again until the water gets evaporated.

Step 5: Allow it to cool and add 11 oils – Coconut, Almond, Walnut, Jojoba, Olive, Lavender, Avocado, Orange, Wheat germ, Rosehip, and Sunflower.

Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is ready!

Multiple benefits of Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

  1. It is All-Natural formulated with the goodness of natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and avocado oil.
  2. This Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation is a blend of herbs that helps the baby in gaining mobility at a faster rate.
  3. The oil is made with a combination of essential oils for Providing Strength to Bones and Muscles to your newborn.
  4. The presence of essential oils Soothes and Moisturizes while easily getting absorbed into the baby’s skin.
  5. The massage oil can be used from top to toe and is well Suited for all Skin Types.

mother sparsh baby massage oil

Currently, I am using this oil to massage my younger one and she totally loves getting the massage of this oil. It is indeed the best ayurvedic body massage oil for babies.

Olive oil

When my first baby was born, most of the visitors and relatives who came to visit us recommended olive oil to massage my little one. They said olive oil helps in making the skin soft, shiny, and healthy. Not only does it keep the skin moisturized but it also has regenerative power over skin tissues, which keeps the skin toned and rash free. Our pediatrician also recommended olive oil and informed us about its benefits; olive oil is rich in healthy fats, a phenolic antioxidant, Vitamin E, squalene, and oleic acid, it promotes bone and muscle health of a baby. The best part is this oil can be used in both hot and cold weather. But if your baby’s skin is dry and damaged then this oil can worsen the situation so consult your doc before using this oil for your baby.

Sweet Almond oil

Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin A, B2, B6, D, and E. It helps in keeping skin problems like eczema, soreness, and rashes at bay, leaving your baby with silky smooth skin. As sweet almond oil is edible so it is non-toxic and completely safe for babies. It also helps in improving the complexion and works as a natural sunscreen. Almond oil is also a great immunity booster and keeps any infections at bay. Because of its multiple health benefits, almond oil is the best oil for baby massage.

Forest essential Baby Body Massage Serum (Dasapushpadi 100% Natural):

For a baby, there can’t be a more nutritious product with beneficial ingredients than pure cow ghee or clarified butter. And to this, are added herbs like Jivanti which protects the skin, Kumud which makes the skin soft and smooth, and Liquorice with skin softening properties. These all work in conjunction to keep the baby’s skin healthy and glowing. The other product which I loved from Forest essential baby care range is Baby Head Massage Oil (Dasapushpadi 100% Natural): This oil is a mixture of extracted oils of ten flowers and plants apart from the bark and leaves of certain trees. These all add their own properties to the oil. Bhring Raj nourishes, Indian Gooseberry improves eyesight, and Jivanti cools the head. It is one of the best products from their baby care range.

These are some of the powerful and best oils for babies, which I have personally tried and tested. Choose any of them as per your liking and suitability.

Let’s forge a deeper bond with your little one and do let me know how often you massage your little one? Which oil do you use? Is there any specific time of the day when you choose to massage your little one? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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